Saturday, March 24, 2007

Theodore Coates - 1810, New London CT

I am not sure of this entry - at the crease in the paper is a very light name, which appears to have been transcribed as Theodore Coates.

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Cherokee Baskets said...

Middlefield MA deaths

Amanda d Theodore, Sept 25, 1800 age 5m 11d (Coats, d Theodore and Keziah)

Keziah, w Theodore, Apr 21, 1827 age 52

Laura Keziah d Theodore, June 22, 1832 age 23 (Laura Kezia d Theodore and Kezia)

Oliver, s. Theodore, July 19, 1832 age 16 (s. of Theodore and Kezia)

Phebe, w. Theodore, Mar 2, 1833 age 53 (Phobe Cotes)

Theodore, Feb 27, 1836, age 64 (c 1772 birth date)

__________, inf. Theodore and Keziah, _________, *soon after its birth* (b. July 10, 1801

Not sure this is the same family or related family.