Wednesday, March 21, 2007

James Coats - 1850 Manchester NY

I do believe this James Coats could be Jefferson Coats father, James was born in Connecticut.
The Thomas J. Coats in the 1850 Hopewell NY census I believe is Jefferson Coats of 1860 Hopewell NY census.
There are three Coats families on this census page:
Calvin S. Coats age 40
Mary J. Coats age (bad ?) 36
William H. Coats age 7
living with them is John Laurance age 38
all born in NY
James Coats age 71 (birth year about 1779) he was born in Connecticut (there should be a birth record for him somewhere in CT)
Sarah (Eurasula crossed out) Coats age 72
Sarah A. Coats age 48
living with them is Thomas McConnal age 19
William H. Coats age 45
Mary Coats age 40
Sheldon Coats age 8
Mary Coats age 1
all born in NY

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