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John Coates - 1790 Middlefield, MA

John Coates:
3 white males 16 and over
2 white males under 16
4 white females


Cherokee Baskets said...


COATES (see Coats)
Ellen Samantha, d. Charles and Samantha, bp. July 27, 1845. C.R.1.
Lemira Frances, d. Charles and Samantha, bp. Oct 24, 1847.
Sedgewick, ch. James and Polly, Oct. 19, 1803.

COATS (see Coates)
Almira, ch. John Jr. and Chloe, Nov. 17, 1806.
Amanda, ch. Theodore and Keziah, Apr. 14, 1800.
Charles, ch. Theodore and Keziah, Oct. 16, 1804.
Charles Whitney, ch. Charles and Semantha [Samantha, C.R.1.], Feb. 14, 1843.
Chauncey, ch. John and Mehitabel, Jan. 28, 1788.
Electa, ch. John and Mehitabel, Jan. 3, 1785.
Eunice, ch. Theodore and Keziah, Aug. 11, 1798.
Freedom, ch. Theodore and Keziah, June 21, 1802.
Hannah, ch. Theodore and Keziah, May 12, 1814.
Hannah Way, ch. John and Mehitabel, Apr. 8, 1781.
Helen Samantha, d. Charles, farmer, and Samantha, Nov. 6, 1844.
Hiram, ch. John Jr. and Chloe, Mar. 26, 1809.
James, ch. John and Mehitabel, Oct 23, 1773.
John, ch. John and Mehitabel, Mar. 26, 1776.
Laura Keziah, ch. Theodore and Keziah, Feb. 11, 1809.
Levi Lincoln, ch. Theodore and Keziah, Oct. 22, 1806.
Lois, ch. John and Mehitabel, Dec. 2, 1769.
Mehitable, ch. John and Mehitabel, Jan. 5, 1779.
Milton, ch. Theodore and Keziah, Apr. 23, 1824.
Nancy Minerva, ch. Theodore and Keziah, Oct. 22, 1811.
Oliver, ch. Theodore and Keziah, Apr. 29, 1816.
Thode, ch. John and Mehitabel, Oct. 14, 1771.
---------, ch. Theodore and Keziah, July 10, 1801.

Cherokee Baskets said...


COATES (see Coats)
Lois and Luther Leland, May 4, 1803.
Theodore and Kesia Crowell, June 28, 1797. [Kezia, C.R.1.]

COATS (see Coates)
Charles and Semantha Hyde of Williamsburg, int. May 2 [dup. Apr. 30] 1842.
Chauncey and Nancy [int. Mary] Pease, Dec. 29, 1813. [Coates, and Mary Pease, C.R.1.]
Hannah W. [int. Hannah Way Coates] and Nathaniel Babcock of Westfield, Jan. 6, 1803. [Hannah Way Coates, C.R.1.]
James [int. Coates] and Polly Spencer, Jan. 27, 1803. [Coates, C.R.1.]
Theodore and Phebe Bassett of Stockbridge, int. Jan. 15, 1830.

Cherokee Baskets said...


COATES (see Coats)
Electa (see Harriet Jane Crippen).
Phebe, w. John, Apr. 3, 1813, in 34th y. C.R.1.
COATS (see Coates)
Amanda, d. Theodore, Sept. 23, 1800, a. 5 m.11 d. [Coates, C.R.1.] [Coats, d. Theodore and Keziah, C.R.1.]
Coe, w. John Jr., Apr. 3 [1813], a. 33.
Hiram, Nov. 21 [1827], in 19th y. [Coates, a. 19, C.R.1.]
John, Jan. 19, 1824, a. 76. [Coates, in 76th y., C.R.1.]
Keziah, w. Theodore, Apr. 21 [1827], a. 52. [Kezia Coates, C.R.1.] [Kezia Coats. G.R.1.]
Laura Keziah, d. Theodore, June 22, 1832, a. 23. [Coates, C.R.1.] [Laura Kezia, d. Theodore and Kezia, G.R.1.]
Levi L., Aug. —, 1836, a. "nearly " 30. [Coates, Aug. 12, a. 29, C.R.1. G.R.1.]
Mehitabel [ch. John and Mehitabelj, July 13, 1781.
Mehitabel, wid., July 18, 1828, a. 84. [Coates, C.R.1.]
Oliver, s. Theodore, July 19, 1832, a. 16. [Coates, July 18, C.R.1..] [Coats, s. Theodore and Kezia, July 18, G.R.1.]
Phebe, w. Theodore, Mar. 2, 1833, a. 53. [Phobe Cotes, C.R.1.] [Coats, G.R.1.]
Theodore, Feb. 27, 1836, a. 64.
------------, inf. Theodore and Keziah,------------, "soon after its birth " [b. July 11, 1801]. [Coates, July 11, 1801, C.R.1.] [Coats, July 11, 1801, G.R.1.]

Cherokee Baskets said...

Edward Church Smith.
Menasha, Wis. Priv. print. 1924


John Coats, wheelright, of Lenox, Mass. was b. about 1748, d. Mid. 1-19-1824, m. Mehitable _____, who was b. about 1744 and d. in Mid. 7-18-1828. In 1785 Coats bought Lots No. 2 in the I and II Divs. West, Prescott's Grant, the farm lying next north of the Newton Farm owned by Henry Sternagle. The house stood on the east side of the road at the top of the hill north of the Sternagle house. Coats divided the farm between his sons, James and John. Later part of the farm was sold to Newton and the rest to Alexander Dickson. Mrs. Coats joined the Cong. Ch. by letter from Lenox in 1793.


Lois, b. 12-2-1769, m. Luther LEELAND 5-4-1803.
Theodore, b. 10-14-1771 (See Fam. 1).
James, b. 10-23-1773, m. Polly SPENCER, 1-27-1803.
John, b. 3-26-1776, m. Chloe _____ who d. 4-3-1813. Children: Almira, b. Mid. 11-17-1806; Hiram, b. Mid. 3-25-1809, d. 11-21-1827.
Mehitable, b. 1-5-1779, d. 7-13-1781.
Hannah Way, b. 4-8-1781, m. 1-6-1803, Nathaniel BABCOCK of Westfield.
Electa, b. 1-3-1785.
Chauncey, b. 1-28-1788, m. 12-29-1813, Mary PEASE. They moved to Oswego, N.Y.


Theodore Coats, s. of John and Mehitable Coats, b. 10-14-1771, d. 2-27-1836, m. 1st 6-28-1797, Kesia CROWELL who d. 4-21-1827. He m. 2nd Phebe BASSETT of Stockbridge (int.) 1-15-1830. She d. 3-2-1833.
About 1795 he purchased of Darius Eggleston, part of Lot 10, II Div. Washington, which was located near to Coles Brook on the road to Becket. Mr. Coats who was called "Thody" or "Thoda" was a large portly man weighing 250 and upwards. He owned a very large farm with a very large house and barns, had a large family of large children. The farm was finally sold to Wesley Cross.


Eunice, b. 8-11-1798.
Amanda, b. 4-14-1800, d. 9-25-1800.
Child, b. 7-10-1801, d. 7-11-1801.
Freedom, b. 6-21-1802. He followed his father on the farm but finally abandoned it and went to live with his brother Charles in Washington.
Charles, b. 10=16=1804, m. Semantha HYDE of Williamburg (int.) 5-2-1842. He moved to Washington where he was a farmer. A dau. Helen Semantha was. b. Mid. 11-6-1844.
Levi Lincoln, b. 10-22-1806, d. 6-22-1832.
Nancy Minerva, b. 10-22-1811.
Hannah, b. 5-12-1814.
Oliver, b. 4-29-1816; d. 7-19-1832.
Milton, b. 4-23-1824.