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Charles Coats wife Thankful - 1744 - Deerfield, Franklin County MA

This is a very early record of this Charles Coats in Deerfield MA in 1744, so he and his wife Thankful do not show up on the census records, however, the Vital Records for Deerfield support this family as follows:

Children of Charles and Thankful Coats:
1. Miriam, daughter of Charles and Thankful, born Feb. 14, 1748-9
2. Charles, son of Charles and Thankful, born Apr. 20, 1751
3. Easter, daughter of Charles and Thankfull, born Mar. 26, 1753
4. Simeon, son of Charles and Thankfull, baptized Feb. 11, 1759

Another record of this family in "Missing Links - Genealogical Clues Vol-Iss 57 April 1967, p. 1127" states that son Charles born 1751 married a Patience Cunnabel with no dates or other information about her listed. This information also gives Charles and Thankful two other sons and a daughter as follows: Elizabeth no other information about her listed and sons, John and Reuben Coats with no places or dates listed other than they both along with Simeon were in the American Revolution.

Also on this same page is a family grouping for a Thomas Green of Salem MA in 1684 who married a Martha Moulton daughter of Robert, Thomas and Martha were married in 1710 and he married a second wife Elizabeth Green of Stafford no dates or other information on her or their marriage. Thomas Green's son Benjamin Green married Elizabeth Coats in 1744 no other detail on either Benjamin or Elizabeth given.

Another Charles Coats shows up in the Westfield, Hampden County MA marriage records as follows:
COATS, Charles of W. and Esther Neal of W; m. Feb. 6, 1705/6

And in another record of Westfield births:
COATS, Charles, s. Charles & Hester, b. June 3, 1710

Church of Christ baptism records show the following in Westfield MA:
1709 COATS Elizabeth d. Charles & Martha 3 mo 29 d
1710 COATS Charles s. Charles & Esther 4 mo 4 d
1711 COATS Edward s. Charles & Esther 11 mo 6 d
1713 COATS Stephen s. Charles & Esther 11 mo 10 d
1715 COATS Abigail d. Charles & Esther 11 mo 29 d
1719 COATS Margaret d. Charles & Esther 10 mo 23 d

Where or not Martha and Esther are the same person is unknown at this point, but it is possible that Hester was shortened to Esther and it appears in both birth records for son Charles the year is 1710.

Westfield Vital records also show that Hester, wife of Charles, d. Jan. 22, 1727/8; these records also show the birth of Margarest, daughter of Charles & Elizabeth, b. Jan. 1, 1719, seems unlikely this would be the son of Charles and Hester born in 1710.

History and Genealogy of the Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut we find an Anna Webster, b. Sep. 25, 1776, m. a Mr. Coats, brother of her mother's second husband, and removed to Canada where she died. From 1742 to 1786, a Charles Coats appears in Deerfield(1742), and from 1762, in Bernardston, and May 18,1786, Charles Coats and John Coats his son were both of Bernardston, Mass.Whether of this family we are not informed. Anna's mother was married apparently first to Charles Webster a blacksmith out of MA and NH and he married Irene Shepard Alstead, N. H., Nov. 26, 1797, she was born b. July 20, 1776. Records in NH refer to her as Irene Thayer - there is no indication here as to who her second husband was but Charles Webster died about 1795.

Whether or not these two Charles Coats are related is likewise unknown at this point but they do appear to be two different Charles Coats.

This information from another researcher of the Gore and Notley names, there is also a Charles Coats in Frederick County, Maryland on a 1776 Tax list for that county Charles COARTS, age 62 b. abt. 1714, with sons or grandsons. Living with Charles COARTS was JAMES COARTS, age 23, b. abt. 1753 and Notley COARTS, age 21 b. ab. 1755;

The other one was Notley Thomas in the Frederick Co., MD court records 1749.------Later (1786-1794) we have a Notley COATS in Chester Co., SC records. Same man as the age 21 Notley COARTS in the 1776 MD census. The spelling differs - COARTS vs COATS).

I have been unable to learn whether there was any connection of any kind between the COATS family of Frederick Co., MD & Chester Co., SC and our Gores.

A Charles Coats served jury duty in Frederick Co., MD in 1750/51 & 1753. He is listed in 1776 census as Charles Coarts and was age 61 (b.1714)Listed in the household was James 23, Notley age 21.

Now to tell you more about Elisha Gore of Chester Co., SC. who, along with James Gore, witnessed the will of William Coats dated 15 June 1783.

Elisha Gore was the son of James Manning Gore, Elisha Gore was born ca. 1756 and died in 1808 Jefferson Co., GA. James Manning Gore (1735-1818) was born in Prince George's Co., MD., son of James Gore 11(1707-1785). Elisha Gore was deceased when his father James Manning Gore died in 1818 and named the two sons of Elisha, George W. Gore and Isom Gore, as heirs in behalf of their father.

Charles Coats wife Ann of Kelly's Creek in Newberry County SC is likewise found in Jefferson County GA, where he and a James Coats die in the year 1802/04, leaving heirs who were located in a deed record from Jefferson County GA. There is much more detail in the Coats Archive.

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