Tuesday, May 29, 2007

John Hiram Coats - 1920 - Bryan, Oklahoma

This family has a perfect DNA match to that of Rev. William Coats
John Hiram Coats born in MO, not sure ofthe county yet and found on the 1920 census in Caddo, Bryan County OK:
John H. Coats born MO head of the house age 45 - June 23 1875 d 1923
Dela, wife 35 born in Texas (Delila Wilfong)
Mattie, daughter age 15
Bethel, daughter age 13 (has her as a male - so not sure could be a son)
Mildred, daughter age 11
May, daughter age 9
Woodrow, son age 6
John F. (Frederick), son age 4 (this is the line of the DNA test)
Stirling P., son age 1 (I'm not at all sure of the spelling of that first name)